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The rapid economic growth and urban development in 1970’s deteriorated air and water in Japan but the industrial fuel conversion to low-sulfur oil, diesel emission control, hazardous effluent control and sewerage works expansion have greatly improved the environment.
On the other hand, air and water pollution in developing countries has still been very serious as seen in the Chinese PM 2.5 issues. The technology and experience in developed countries need to be utilized to steadily overcome these problems.
However, there are so many dusty facilities and equipment that have been directly introduced just as they were from Western countries. That indicates the needs to propose technologies acceptable to developing countries and enhance the morale and skills of the counterparts.
We have long been addressing to environmental protection and global warming mitigation on the front line of the governmental efforts in Tokyo Metropolis.
We will propose feasible solutions to improve the environment in developing countries based on the experiences and know how.