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 8/22/2019 Takashi Kojima (URBAN LIFE ATTORNEY OFFICE) was registered as Registerd Support Organization for Skilled Workers by the Ministry of Justice.
 4/25/2019 Takashi Kojima was awarded "Pink Card" and registerd as authorized application attorney for immigration by Tokyo Immigration Services Agency
 12/15/2018 Our representative director, Takashi Kojima started up URBAN LIFE ATTORNEY OFFICE at 4-36-9-201, Konandai, Konanku, Yokohama, Japan 234-0054. He will utilize the knowledge and experiences gained when he worked for the Bureaus of General Affairs, Environment, and Waterworks, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Nerima City and the Ministry of Environment. He got a TOEIC English Test Score of 950 and worked to improve the environment and water supply in developing countries. His main service covers passport and visa application: foreigner registration: inheritance: adult guardianship: subsidy application and other administrative application. Tel:080-5174-1533 Email:t_kojima@urban-resil.com Liaison Office: Yokohama Business Port 4th Floor, Nippon Odori 7 Bldg., Nippon Odori 7, Nakaku, Yokohama (Within 3 min-walk from Kanagawa Passport Center)
 02/26/2017 Participated in the one-week field survey in Banjarmasin City, Borneo and Jakarta City, Indonesia for “2016 Water Business Projects Developing Survey in South-East Asia” by the Ministry of Labor, Health and Welfare, Japan.
 09/12/2016 Got a contract of ” Data Collection Survey on Water Supply Sector in the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka (Water Supply Technology)”from JICA from September 16, 2016 to March 10, 2017 and visited Colombo and other cities two times to make field surveys and interviews for totaling 37 days to visit National Water and Sewerage Board, Kandy City, Ministry of City Planning and Water Supply, distribution pipe repair sites, water treatment plants, pumping stations, etc.
 07/24/2016 Registered by Water Aid, Japan as “Speaker for Water and Sanitaion” to enhance understanding of their importance.
 06/24/2016 Finished “JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) Safeguard Policy Training" that is based on World Bank's safeguard plicy.
 02/10/2016 Registered by Japan Water Works Association as “JWWA Expert on International Cooperation of Water Supply” to be recommended for international projects financed by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, JICA, etc.
 01/20/2016 Finished “2015 REDD+ Safeguard Expert Training Session” held by Japan International Forestry Promotion and Cooperation Center based on the Agreement adopted at COP 21.
 05/24/2015 Invited by JICA on behalf of Tokyo Metropolitan Government to attend the International Roundtable for Subsidence that was co-chaired by the Minister of Public Works on Indonesia and Jakarta State Governor to establish land subsidence prevention policies in Jakarta. Also attend the Indonesia International Water Week to make a presentation on “Land Subsidence Prevention in Tokyo”.
 11/10/2014 Our Expression of Interest for “Greater Colombo Water and Wastewater Management Improvement Investment Program: Management Advisory and Supervision Individual Consultant for Active Leakage Control Technician. Contract No: GCWWMIIP/ADB/MASIC/ALC/ICS/06 was accepted by Asian Development Bank. We are preparing for the project that will start in August and last 8 month.
 07/25/2014 Yokohama City has authorized bidding qualifications of URC.
 07/18/2014 The Institute for Global Environmental Strategies awarded URC a contract on the OECD conference support.
 06/15/2014 The Japan Environment Management Association for Industry awarded Urban Resilience Corporation (URC) a contract on an examination work.
 06/13/2014 Bidding Qualification for All of the Japanese Ministries has been awarded.
 06/02/2014 Urban Resilience Corporation was established.