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English for Technology

Technological English translation has been generally accepted if only they use correct technical terms or agrees with the common English sense of Japanese people. However, foreign people, especially English-speaking people, cannot understand what was expressed by such “translation”. We will propose to revise it to readily understandable English.

Different people have offered different way of learning English. However, there is no shortcut to English learning and progress. We have had proven records of training , education, translation and interpretation of industrial English for over 40 years.

Example 1

Y Waterworks Authority and X Corporation
Agreed on a Non-Revenue Water Reduction Project

January 9, 20xx

X Corporation has been making every effort to promote new international contribution in cooperation with Z Water Authority
Presently Y Waterworks Authority (YWA) and X Corporation have reached a basic agreement to start a test project of non-revenue water (NRW) reduction and signed a memorandum of understanding as follows:

Example 2

The compact body with a sensor is portable enough to find and detect leaks while reading meters.
Installation of the Bluetooth wireless transmitter will send leak records in real time to the handy terminal for meter reading, allowing data processing simultaneously with meter reading.